4 Business Ideas In The World Coffee With Little Capital

Coffee was not only limited to a delicious drink that ends are used as a hobby. Now, there are many coffee lovers who make their hobbies ‘soft land’ to supplement income in business finance

How can? Of course, I can. Many successful people start their business through hobbies. Therefore, with the spread of the coffee industry lately, many initially only coffee drinkers who long interested in running a business in the world of coffee. Unfortunately many who feel lost before the fight due to tripping large capital. Though if only you know that to start a business in the world of coffee not only have to spend a large capital but keen to see opportunities. Want to know four business ideas in the world of coffee without capital wrapped around the waist? Here are some of these businesses.

Cold Brew business

Trends cold brew or cold coffee that is now being rampant you can use by creating your own brand cold brew. No need for a cafe or a great coffee shop, all you need is the expertise of selling through social media marketing that is very effective. Capital? You only need a cold-sized device that costs from two hundred thousand (like Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot) to millions (Dutch Lab). There are several tools of cold brew or cold drip maker that you can choose according to pocket and requirement. Some cold brew entrepreneurs even use manual pouring tools to mix coffee. In addition to the bristles, you also have to experiment with several coffee beans that match your cold brew brand. For this matter it is suggested to ask the expert. Do not forget to think of interesting bottles and packaging to attract people to buy stronger. How? This business does not require large capital you know.

Coffee Bean Seller

For this one business is very possible to not spend any capital at all. All you need is a connection with a roaster, a coffee factory and a coffee farmer. What do you need? All you need is to resell the coffee beans from them to various people (can be to coffee shop or individual). Surely you will get a decent profit because you buy the seeds at a price cheaper than first hand. Before selling what you need is the thoroughness of choosing the best seeds and worth selling. If possible you can just re-rebrand these coffee beans with your own brand. This way you easily have a business of buying and selling coffee beans with capital of course light.

Manual Coffee Shop

Although simple, it does not mean the coffee shop you will build is not qualified. Coffee shop is not just about expensive espresso machines, luxury sofas and a fancy place that capital hundreds of millions of dollars. If you really intend to create a quality coffee shop, you can create a coffee shop concept with manual tools. All the coffee utensils you will use in your coffee shop cost no one to strangle the neck. To produce an espresso, you can either buy a Rok Presso or a Bellman as a replacement. No electricity, right? Also provide a complete brew manual such as V60, Chemex, Aeropress and others. You also do not need to sell heavy food menu because your coffee shop is really devoted to coffee menu like specialty coffee shop. See? Who says building a coffee shop is expensive?

Coffee Truck or Coffee Cart

In Indonesia it seems still rare coffee carts or coffee cooler term truck that sells coffee with a walk around and hang out on the roadside. Abroad alone (especially Europe, America and Australia) this is a common thing. You can start this business with light capital. First determine what coffee menu you want to sell, whether only cold brew or other hot coffee drinks. If you’ve set the time to make a cart that can be driven by a motorcycle or a bicycle. Make the design as attractive as possible and look striking from a distance. Certainly this coffee truck business will be very interesting because the culprit is still a little.

Well, here are four business ideas in the coffee world from you. Approximately you have other interesting ideas do not? Share with us!